Sunday, February 9, 2020

Imaging Informatics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 7500 words

Imaging Informatics - Essay Example egrated with a number of clinical data systems such as the HIS and the RIS which is used in the medical images distribution all over the image centred bases and in electronic archiving (Samei, 2004). The flow of work in departments of radiology has been enhanced in the current age due to the PACS installation progressive development alongside significant reductions in the costs of healthcare which have in combination had positive impacts on the care of the sick (Samei, 2004). The proliferation of more technical features maybe sustainably enhanced, according to Lemke (2011), and since such features in order to meet the requirements of medical personnel and systems of healthcare need new avenues/ approaches, a number of obstacles may be experienced. Compared to other choices such as film, PACS installations though costly may in the long run lead to reduced expenditure. However, there is the necessity for medical services after evaluating the overall features that can assist in meeting all requirements to use the PACS that are appropriate in order to reduce the significance of the effect of the effectiveness of cost of medical institutions that welcome huge numbers of patients yearly (Robertson and Saveraid, 2008). Along the same vein, the proceeding deliberation focuses on PACS’ general and technical characteristics/ features according to two various manufacturers. Apart from discussing the PACS’ advantages and disadvantages, this analysis wi ll additionally delve into the similarities and differences of the PACS. In addition, the discussion offers recommendations concerning the most appropriate systems for different clinical situations. In general, the two main PACS looked at in this issue, which are the most relevant in this debate because of their presence and popularity in the markets such as in Saudi Arabia, are the Agfa IMPAX 6 and the Fujifilm’s Synapse (Samei et al, 2004). According to Agfa Healthcare (2012), Agfa has installed over 200 PACS in over

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